Now Showing – The Grand Tour

A 24-minute large-scale 360 immersive tour: Travel across the Solar system planets and transport far into the nebulous clouds and galaxies, all the way to the edge of the visible universe and beyond.

Premiered 5 June 2024 at the Lighthouse of Digital Art, Berlin. 

Visit Lighthouse of Digital Art website for more information


Kalleheikki Kannisto is a digital cinematic multimedia artist with passion for the scientific and technical as well as science fiction and story telling. He has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, motion designer, VFX artist, 3D animator and music producer. In addition to his home country of Finland, he has worked in the commercial arts world in London, Paris as well as Los Angeles, where he lived and worked for 15 years in and around Hollywood type productions. Now based in Espoo, Finland, he is an avid traveler, and frequently finds inspiration for new projects in the grand cities of the world.

His aim is to turn the invisible visible, whether it be an idea, a story, an abstract thought, an imaginary place, a fictional story or anything in the mind that craves to manifest in visible form, whether the idea is his or someone else’s. The main difference, as he sees it, between commercial work and personal artistic work, is whose idea it is that is being put into visual form. Either way, he wants to contribute as much as possible from his vast knowledge and experience into every project.

Kalleheikki’s skillset as it relates to multimedia projects includes scripting, storyboarding, 3D animation, VFX, 360/VR production, programming, cinematography and editing, sound recording and mixing (7.1), color correction and grading – the whole suite of skills needed to take any project from concept to the screen of any size. His experience in commercial production brings with it streamlined production methods and fast delivery often lacking in purely artistic productions.

When it comes to projects which involve music, Kalleheikki works closely with professional singer, composer and vocal artist Shirley, who brings her command of classical and traditional pop into the equation. While his style is ambient electronic music, she is a master of melodic song music. In this combination Kalleheikki often writes the lyrics and Shirley then creates the music which lifts them to become art.


A selection from the vast array of multimedia, VR and media projects.

The Grand Tour – A 24-minute 360 immersive experience, tour of the Solar System and beyond. 12 m x 12 m x 4 m room with projections on floor and all walls, for Lighthouse of Digital Arts, Berlin, June 2024.
Denon Perl Pro Release Event Visuals – An 8-minute loop, 21 m x 9 m room 360 projection. Created for KMB Creative, presented at Khroma Digital Art Playground, Berlin, May 2024.
Wildfire Fantasy Environments – 8K resolution, AI assisted 2.5D animated environments for Wildfire music video background compositing. Feb 2024.
GameDay University Gaming Hub concept – A VR representation of a concept design for a gaming hub slated for Las Vegas. Preliminary VR for live presentation, Unreal Engine, 2023.
Virtual World Simulation – Aerodynamics simulation, partially based on real data input for simulation animation. MSBAI/Guru AI Aerospace simulation, 2022
BAE brand animation – Large-scale animation which was split onto multiple synchronized screens , for M-integrated Solutions / BAE Aerospace, 2022
Perseverance on Mars – 360 Stereo VR image of the Perseverance rover on Mars created from NASA imagery and a 3D model of the vehicle, 2021
Interactive Fog Screen Installation – Previsualization for a planned custom interactive art installation with fog screen projections, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
A study in visualizing various real and imaginary AI algorithms with motion graphics, 2015

Multimedia Services

Scriptwriting, concept images, storyboarding, cinematography, sound recording and mixing (up to 7.1 surround), soundtrack creation, video editing, color correction and grading, digital visual effects, 3D modeling and animation (Cinema 4D), programmatic animation (processing, After Effects, C4D), virtual reality (Unreal Engine) and 360 video production, compositing, motion graphics, video enhancement, digital art, AI imaging and video.


The Adecco Group • Adventure Films • Avalon Studios • Atexor • EPIX Audio • Erra Inc • Genome • Kinetricks •  KMB Creative • Lighthouse Arts • M-Integrated Technologies • MSBAI • Orbis Electric • Philips Projection • rrLLC • SG • Sportsbeams


“We are beyond thrilled with Kalleheikki’s work! Not only did he complete the project quickly, we felt like he really understood the technology of our product and conveyed in the way that was the most appropriate for the audience. He also communicated with us frequently for updates which was very appreciated. We’ve been on the hunt for talent like this for a while, and we are so happy that we found Kalleheikki. Our company will continue to work with him for our future projects.”


“Kalleheikki delivered perfectly as always. A very talented professional that we keep on our shortlist!”
Lighthouse of Digital Art


“Kalleheikki did everything to help us on a really complicated tracking shot with some 3D elements added. Absolutely recommended for people / companies who need an expert they can trust, especially for projects requiring high quality VFX.”

Adventure Films

“A world-class artist who can handle just about any project. Amazing communication and a pleasure to work with. If you need high-end artwork done this is your guy!”

The Official Grad Trip


“Absolutely top notch from beginning to end! Professional, knowledgeable, FAST and thorough. I very highly recommend Kalleheikki and I will definitely use him again when needed.”

Avalon Studios


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K
Cepter Extreme I48 (RTX 4080)
MSI Mag Codex X5 (RTX 3080)
4K full gamut sRGB/Rec709 reference monitor
Mavic Pro 4K Drone
Oculus Rift + Touch
Zoom H6 + Zoom H4N
Steinberg MR816X (7.1 surround)
Lighting and microphone sets


Cinema 4D (Redshift, X-Particles, Fused)
After Effects (Trapcode, Element 3D, numerous plugins)
Keyshot 10
Cubase Studio 11 (NI Komplete Ultimate)
Unreal Engine
Topaz Video Enhance
MidJourney, Magnific, Runway, Pika Labs, etc.